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Club Dien Chan International

Facial reflexology pointers and protocols





A club, a support blog!

The Dien Chan club is a digital space reserved for the enthusiasts by the natural and complementary techniques of care. The former version of the club (CLUBQC) already contained numerous chapters dedicated to the support of course and other help services in the disclosure of Dien Chan. In this new version named now «club Dien Chan», we claim to be able to offer you a more alive space.
Besides the special price rates to acquire the tools of Dien Chan, we wish to revitalize the club by offering you updated articles.
It is like a blog!
But until now only the alumni had access to the club. To be able to enrich our experience of sharing, we wish to open this space beyond the courses. So, in one concerns of justice to those who realized their course long ago and those who cannot attend the courses of the EiMDC, we propose a system of points.

By following a course with a certified trainer by the EiMDC, by buying multireflex tools or publications, you will accumulate points for the club.
These points will then be converted in times of access to the reserved space.

We adore answering everybody, we have the will to continue to reveal Dien Chan in a most serious possible way, but the dispersal hunt us. The social networks are very time-consuming and to be able to concentrate on the real applicants of solutions, and not the simple curious onlookers of the net, our detailed answers will be published in this club. So, the really interested people can prove it and our working strength will be at their disposal.

—Presidence of club Dien Chan—

Welcome to Club Dien Chan

A space rich in information, advice and pointers as well as of numerous tips and tricks in face reflexology.

Club Dien Chan’s members benefit from special discounts to acquire the tools of Multireflexology and reach articles drafted by our experimented team which has a practice since 2002. Having redacted numerous books as the ABC of Dien Chan (Edt. Grancher-Paris) and published the successful application, Faceasit'clinic (en.Faceasit.com), here is a digital space for all the enthusiasts of the complementary therapies to be inspired and find natural solutions of care.

«Share to enrich your experience» is our slogan!

❤️ Become privileged member of the club by taking a certified training with EiMDC or buying multireflex tools.
Several solutions are offered to you...

Catalog with club’prices: login and then choose DienShop’club in the upper-left menu.

✔︎ Due to the lack of time and not to deprive you of numerous articles we publish, visit blog.multireflexology.com.

Thanks for your interest, the club Dien Chan presidence.